What You Do To Me

This mid-tempo love song is written straight from Chris’s heart. Chris wanted to write a song about what we all feel when we are falling in love and how universal that feeling is.





All I Want For Christmas

Chris gets in the holiday spirit with his latest cover made popular by Mariah Carey. Chris’ version of All I Want For Christmas is slowed down with an Imogen Heap feel to it.




Wrecking Ball

By now we all know all the words to Miley Cyrus’ hit song, “Wrecking Ball”. Now you can sing-a-long to Chris’ version and watch his music video for the song on the homepage!




Look At The Mess You’ve Made

Chris wrote Look At The Mess You’ve Made back in 2005 when he was studying vocal performance at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA. The song was later used in Eating Out: Drama Camp, the fourth installation to the cult classic series where Chris takes the leading male role.




It Gets Better – 2010

In 2010 when Dan Savage launched the It Gets Better Campaign Chris new he had to write a song about his own experiences about being a victim of bullying. “I was bullied for being gay all through school, from elementary school all the way up to high school. I was an awkward kid, really skinny, small and deathly shy. Kids can be cruel but after I graduated from high school everything started to change for the better and I wanted to share my experience to possibly help anyone going through something similar.” -Chris






Dirty Love – 2010

1. Dirty Love
2. Love Me
3. Broke Another heart
4. Walking By
5. It’s You (the la la song)


Chris’ first EP, Dirty Love was produced in 2010 by the help of Singer/Songwriter, Gabe Lopez. This 5 song EP is entirely filled with pure pop dance songs starting off with Chris’ most popular single, Dirty Love. The EP finishes off with the song It’s You, which you might remember from Chris’ movie Eating Out: All You Can Eat. Each song was written by Chris and music production was done by Gabe Lopez.



Dirty Love (The Remixes) – 2011

1. Dirty Love
2. Dirty Love (DJ Skeet Skeet Durrrty Remix)
3. Dirty Love (Hector Fonseca Remix)
4. Dirty Love (The Perry Twins Radio Remix)
5. Dirty Love (The Perry Twins Club Remix)
6. Dirty Love (Chris Thomas Covered in Love Radio Remix)
7. Dirty Love (Chris Thomas Covered in Love Club Remix)
8. Dirty Love (Mac Valentine’s Eat Me, Drink Me Anthem Remix)
9. Dirty Love (Whitmore Roth Guitar Remix)
10. Dirty Love (Chris Salvatore’s Salvenger Remix)
11. Dirty Love (Just the Vocals Remix)


Dirty Love was remixed by some of the greats! Including DJ Skeet Skeet and Hector Fonseca. Chris also dabbled in some remixing of his own with his remixed version of the song on track 10. Make your own remix with just the vocals from track 11!



The Sound Of This Beat – 2011

1. The Sound Of This Beat
2. Dance All Night (Fallin’ In Love)
3. I Want Your Sex
4. Consider Yourself Warned
5. Break Your Heart (Let The Music)
6. It Gets Better
7. It Get Better (Carlos Gallardo We Party Remix)


The Sound Of This Beat, like Dirty Love, includes uptempo dance songs with electronic influences. Tracks 1,2,4,5 and 6 were written by Chris. Chris produced tracks 1 and 5 in his home studio with the rest being produced by Gabe Lopez. Track 3 is a fast, electronic take on George Michael’s song, I Want Your Sex. It Gets Better is a song written from Chris’ personal experiences of being bullied as a child. He wanted to write the song to help younger LGBT youth struggling with similar experiences. The song was later remixed by DJ Carlos Gallardo from Barcelona.