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Chris_Salvatore_David_BeckhamAll the underwear blogs this week seem to be talking about the recent interview / comment from fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger where he named David Beckham the underwear model of the century. “I mean, we all wish we look like David Beckham at the end of the day, He’s like the Underwear Model of the Century!”, said Hilfiger.

Underwear Model of The Century

I will definitely agree that David Beckman looks good in his undies… but “underwear model of the century?”  David Beckham was an international celebrity before he ever graced our computer screens in a pair of underwear. What about those guys who became infamous because of their stint as an underwear model?

chris-salvatore-underwear-model-marky-mark2The early 1990′s saw the launch of Calvin Klein’s Underwear campaign featuring Marky Mark.  At the time, it was one of the biggest and most successful men’s underwear campaigns of it’s time, launching the rapper/musician into super stardom.  He’s definitely one of my all time favorite underwear models!


We certainly can’t leave out hottie Travis Fimmel. As a relatively unknown model, he was introduced to the world in his equally iconic Calvin Klein Underwear campaign. He then gained acclaim as TV’s Tarzan in early 2000′s and now is a brutally hot Viking on the History Channel.

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So what do you think? Does David Beckham deserve the title of Male Model of the Century? Who’s your favorite?

Chris Salvatore

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