Limited Edition Chris Salvatore “Be Courageous, Be You” Tshirt

Salvatore-Social 1 smallerHey all! I have teamed up with and The Trevor Project to release this limited edition “Be Courageous, Be You” Tshirt for charity!

Courage is one of the hardest things to have sometimes especially when you feel so alone. Whether you are being bullied in school or fearful of what your family or friends may think of you if you come out of the closet, having the courage to just be yourself doesn’t always come easy to most. This is something I struggled with way too much growing up! Even to this day, I sometimes fear being truly myself. I think we all do. No matter what our background is we all go through moments of life where being ourselves is scary. Take dating for example! Or an audition, or even just being around new friends.

I think it’s time we all allow ourselves the freedom to just BE OURSELVES and stop getting in our on way!

So whether you are a school student finding it difficult to fit in, a single mother working two jobs to pay your rent or, even a part of the LGBT community in Indiana.

You deserve to BE YOU! Who ever you are. Whatever your story. No matter how others may judge you. No qualms about it!

I believe in YOU!


Please support me with helping raise money for The Trevor Project and get your limited edition tshirt at before they are gone forever!

Never be afraid to be who you are!


Much Love,


Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore

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