Positive Thinking and Intention

Chris_Salvatore_Positive_ThinkingThe past year or so I REALLY started looking inward at my life, the people in it, my actions, the way I talked to myself, the intention behind my behavior and how I dealt with situations and other people. It is always a work in progress but I must say that the one thing that has saved me from despair was positivity. Positive thinking, positive surroundings, and really working to not cast negative judgements on myself and others. We as human beings need to shine more love on ourselves and our peers. Think about this little experiment below and then think about how it relates to your own life. Next time you find yourself sulking alone, gossiping about someone, being mean spirited to others, whether it’s to their face or behind their back, stop yourself and think about how this negativity is doing nothing for the greater good of humanity and your life. It only will breed hate and misfortune. Instead, fill your soul with love and positive light. It is hard at first but it gets easier. You will feel much better about yourself and your life will reap the benefits.

Much Love!


PS - The message in this blog post isn’t about rice. Whether the rice experiment is proven to be true or not, the power of positive intention is very very real. :)

Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore

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