Post Workout Recovery Shake #fitfridays

post recovery workout shake, chris salvatore nakedIf you’re a gym goer and/or into working out, you’re probably also a fan of weightlifting supplements and protein shakes.  They’re important for muscle recovery and growth especially if you’re a “hard gainer” like me. After a tough workout your body has likely exhausted blood sugar / glycogen sources for energy and it’s time to replenish.  Not to mention, you need to give your muscles the nutrition it needs to repair itself and grow.

Aside from the amount of protein in your shake, there are a few other aspects to consider. But first let’s start with the most obvious.

Protein: Most experts agree that about 20 grams of protein is about the ideal for your body digest and use at one time.  That’s why you see about this amount of protein (or less) in the pre made shakes you by, or the serving sizes on the bulk protein.  Getting protien in your body is key to muscle repair and recovery, especially if you’re a hard gainer (ectomorph body type).  The type of protein you choose is also important.  There’s a reason why your trainer doesn’t tell you to eat a steak after you workout – it takes too long for you body to digest. Whey protein is probably the most common because it’s a rich source and it’s digested rather recovery workout shake

Carbohydrates: Don’t be scared of carbs!  Especially when it comes to a post workout recovery shake.  Normally to stay lean, the carbs you choose to eat during the day or at meals should be complex carbs.  They don’t spike your blood sugar and take longer to digest.  After you workout however, you need em to work fast.  Carbs play an important role in the chemical process that deliver nutrients to your muscles.  Simple carbs like honey or bannanas are a great addition to your post recovery workout shake.

Save your money on the over priced pre-made shakes you buy at the gym’s juice bar or gas station!  Here’s one of my favorite post workout recovery shakes I make right at home…

My Favorite Post Workout Recovery Shake Recipe:

4        oz skim milk*

4        oz water*

1        scoop chocolate whey protein powder

1        honey

1/2      Banana

1        tablespoon peanut butter

1        tablespoon oats


It’s pretty easy!  Toss all the ingredients in a blender with some ice and voila!  You’re done.

You’re getting around 300 calories and 20-25 grams of protein in approximately.

*If you want less calories you can omit the milk


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