Good Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps

Chris-Salvatore-BicepWhat guy doesn’t want to build bigger biceps and have sexier arms! If you spend any amount of time in the gym, whether you’re a girl or a guy, biceps exercises are probably a staple of your workout.  Everyone probably does the standard biceps curl which I do as well, but sometimes I like to mix it up too.

So you all probably know how to do a biceps curl.  Basically you grab a dumbbell in each hand and with your arms straight down and elbows tight to your sides, you slowly “curl” the dumbbell up towards your chest and then back down again.  I get a kick outta the guys in the gym who grab the massive super heavy dumbbells and try to do dumbbell curls because they’re using their entire body to move the weight!  This isn’t exactly the point of the exercise.  If you’re trying to build bigger biceps you have to focus working the biceps.  Duh!  If the weight’s too heavy, you’re naturally going to need to use the rest of your body to move the weight and you’re lonely lil bicpes aren’t getting the full workout you intended.

Aside from doing dumbbell curls for biceps sometimes I’ll grab a barbell for curls too.  This works your biceps a little differently because each arm is working together to move the weight versus individually with dumbbells.

Today I tried a new exercise that one of my buds suggested and it’s called Running The Rack.  Sounds like a pretty fancy name right?  It’s actually pretty easy to do.  Again you’re going to need to work with dumbbells so get over to the dumbbell rack (here’s where it gets it’s name from).   If you’d normally pick a 20 pound dumbbell, you actually start with a lighter weight about two steps down.  I started with 8 lbs.

Before you think that you’re going to look silly doing a biceps curl with an 8 pound dumbbell – pay attention cuz this is where it gets hard.

You start with doing 5 reps with the 8 pound dumbbell, then without rest you move to 10 lb for 5 reps, and without rest up to 15 lb for 5 reps, then 20 lb, and 25 lbs.  You’re doing 5 reps with each weight.  When you’re done with the 5 reps of 25 pounds – without resting you go back “down the rack” lifting the same weights you just did.  Trust me!  By the time you make it back down to those itty bitty 8lb dumbbells your arms are gonna feel like wet noodles! After you run the rack, rest a couple of minutes and then do it again.  I did this 3 times and afterwards I could barely lift my water bottle for a drink!



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