Ugh! Abs Day! – 6 Pack Abs Exercises

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As much as I hate doing abs, I know I gotta do them!  I hit it hard at the gym today and thought I’d share a couple of my favorite “6 Pack Abs Exercises” with you guys since many of you were asking about my workouts. I will be sharing more of my tips and tricks as the weeks go by!

I always like to start doing crunches on the abs ball (also called the swiss ball).  It’s just better for your back versus doing crunches on the floor.  For those of you who don’t know what an “abs ball” is, just look for the big beach balls at the gym.  If they’re not in the weight room they’re usually in the stretching area.

Abs balls come in a bunch of different sizes.  To pick the correct size, just sit on it and if you’re legs are parallel to the floor then that’s a good size for you.

Doing basic crunches is pretty easy.  Just roll yourself back so that the ball is resting mid to upper back.  Keep your abs tight and feet on the floor.  To do a crunch properly imagine you’re holding an egg between your chin and chest (or you can physically use your fist).  This makes sure that you’re focusing on your abs and not trying to pull yourself up by your head.  It also cuts down on strain on your neck.

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Abs Plank

Today I mixed it up a little bit and did a medicine ball workout and then planks.   My personal trainer loves kicking my ass with planks!  They’re definitely harder than they look… but it’s totally worth including them in your 6 Pack Abs Exercises.

These are pretty self explanatory.  Basically you just get on the floor and rest your bodyweight on your forearms.  Pushing your butt up towards the ceiling, tighten your abs as hard as you can and hold it!  You don’t get the burn right away that you feel with crunches or other abs exercises, but you will be feeling it the next day! Stay away from people who make you laugh! haha jk




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