Dirty Love #MusicMondays

Chris Salvatore - Dirty LoveFor my first #MusicMondays post I am going to bring you back in time. My first ever single “Dirty Love” was released in 2010. It was such a fun song to write and it is still one of my favorites to perform. I wrote Dirty Love about Lust. The feeling you get when you have a strong sexual desire for someone but know that it is just a bad idea and you will probably just end up with your heart broken. That’s why it is one of the 7 deadly sins! At that time in my life I was making all the wrong decisions with my love life! Life was very fun but at the same time very lonely. In the last few years I have grown immensely in that department. Even though the song “Dirty Love” was written during an interesting time in my life it is still really cool to look back and feel proud to have written one of my favorite songs with such a strong chorus and melody! After the success of the single I was able to put together a whole album of Dirty Love Remixes from really talented DJ’s including DJ Skeet Skeet and Hector Fonseca to name a few! I want to also thank Gabe Lopez, who was my amazing producer who created such a sick beat for me! Watch the music video below and download “Dirty Love” on iTunes here!

Much Love


Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore

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