A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


Chris_Salvatore_A_New_Earth_Eckhart_TolleI just started reading this amazing book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It is a self-improvement book that many people have said they have read it and it changed their lives! Including Oprah! And who doesn’t trust Oprah, right?

“A New Earth” is all about living life in the present moment and learning how to create happiness for yourself without material possessions. This next line from the book really struck me and immediately started affecting my thoughts and behavior in a positive way.

“If you don’t have a good relationship with the NOW, then you don’t have a good relationship with LIFE.”

I sometimes find myself thinking life would be so much better and easier if I had this, or that. “This” or “that” could mean anything, like money, a bigger home, more friends, more confidence, less anxiety…the list goes on and on. I also hear some of my friends in the Chris_Salvatore_a-new-earth entertainment industry say things like, “Life will be so much better when I book a big TV show”, or “when I am rich and famous I will finally be happy”. BUT looking into the future and wishing you had more or less of something is stripping yourself of living in the present moment! And the one thing that is really only guaranteed in life is the NOW!Remember that your ego loves when you dwell on things, get stressed out, or angry. Don’t let your ego win! Just focus on the present moment (like your breath, or the way your fluffy dog’s fur feels, or the fact that you are still being gifted with being alive to experience all these things) and I guarantee you it will be a really quick way to shut up your ego and feel a whole lot better. We love to complicate things but the truth of the matter is that it is really that simple! It takes some practice and you will get better with it over time. TRY IT! You can get it on Amazon right here.(link opens in new window)

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